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Consignment Gallery Q & A

Say Hello to 2015!

By Stephen Etre, Co-Owner
Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery

(An Interview with Managing Editor Rey Post)

Q. I guess it’s an understatement to observe that 2014 has been a banner year for the gallery, correct?

A. Yes, Rey…put simply, this past year has been one of the very best for us across so many fronts.

Q. In what ways and why?

A. Well, general business with our loyal customers, as well as new clients, has set records for our gallery. The number of clients, plus the dollar volume we enjoyed from the sale of antiques, furniture, home accessories, jewelry, estate items, and so much more – was at an all-time high in 2014. In addition, the number and quality of estate sales we handled for a variety of clients established a new bar for us to achieve in coming years.

Q. And I know from commentary you have offered in 2014 on the “All Things Real Estate” radio show, that your annual Spring and Fall Sales Events were highly successful.

A. Yes…and the number of people who came to the gallery for these events –which we have done now for about 30 years – also increased, especially among out-of-town visitors. I believe that all of these successful sales figures are the direct result of an improving economy, plain and simple.

Q. And that correlates to an improving year for real estate sales in the greater Santa Fe region.

A. Yes…you know that when you and your real estate broker colleagues are seeing greater home buyer and seller activity, our gallery also realizes increased consumer activity, as people either use us for home staging, and/or to divest themselves of home furniture and accessories (or to buy new items for a recently purchased property).

Q. We are characterizing 2014 as a year when the real estate market locally reached a level of “stability” from the years of challenges we in the trade realized after the financial meltdown of 2008. And we are projecting some additional improvement in homes sales for 2015. I guess you are anticipating a good New Year for business at the gallery?

A. Indeed. Since our success is highly correlated with activity among local  home buyers, sellers, and owners, we are expecting a strong 2015 for business at Stephens, A Consignment Gallery.

Q. I guess that’s about the best way you could ever hope to enter the New Year!

A. You bet, Rey…and we wish everyone else in our community similar success in 2015 and invite them to come join us at 2701 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe and see all that our gallery has to offer!