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Message from the President, April 2016

Message from Gary BobolskyPresident, Santa Fe Association of Realtors

April 2016
Welcome to April of 2016 in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Spring has officially arrived and with it all the fresh energy and newborn life that the season provides. The spring equinox is a powerful reminder that with such great abundance all around us, it is wise to ensure that you direct your most potent energies in the direction of what is most important to you. It is also a great time to clean up spaces, physical and mental, clearing a path for new things, thoughts, and even creative prowess to emerge in one’s work.

I am a believer that energy creates energy and I am sure you’ve heard the adage “Where focus goes, energy flows”. Put your energy into something you truly believe in, whether it is work, your family, your health, or one particular listing or client. The important key is to keep the energy flowing, cyclical from one project into another.
Be frugal with your energy – do not waste it. I’ve seen many colleagues be involved in many projects at one time, but lack a full vigor to really focus their energies into one project. I notice that those, whose energies are focused on one idea or notion at a time, (however small it may be) reap greater rewards in the long run. Put your energy in places where it will come back to you and benefit everyone involved.
Don’t forget to be creative with your energy. This can sometimes be harder than it sounds. Talk to friends and family. Read up on new topics. Ideas are waiting to be born in all situations, stories and personal experiences. For instance, your listing has not just sold because of price, but maybe there are other paths of exploration that can make a home or property more desirable to a wider audience. Let spring be the time to plant the seed thoughts of inspiration to secure a fruitful future for what brings you the most wealth and health.
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 for April’s SFAR REALTOR Radio PodcastBoard HighlightsThe SFAR Board of Directors took action on the following items at the March meeting:

  • Approved sending a letter to the City of SF regarding the short term rental ordinance changes

Your friend and colleague,

Gary Bobolsky
2016 President
Santa Fe Association of REALTORS