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Roof Restoration Process

By: Justin Kibbe, Vice President, Fix My Roof LLC

FIX MY ROOF is committed to restoring existing roofs for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement while maximizing our positive impact on the environment by embracing environmentally responsible practices and educating the greater community about environmental stewardship.

Our process:

Step 1: Preparation. With all coatings, the prep work is essential. Both cleaning and drying the roof are very important for a well-done job. We spend a great deal of time with this process (including using blowers and some heaters to make sure any snow/ice that can’t be removed is melted and then dried with towels).

Step 2: Primer. For maximum adhesion of the silicone to the roof, we start with a primer that is made and approved by the manufacturer. Many roofers forego this process as it saves money on material and labor, but it’s the correct way to install a silicone membrane.

Step 3: Curing. The primer cures in 15 minutes in warm weather and sometimes up to one hour in cold weather.

Step 4: Application of the first coat of silicone. The tech spec sheet only requires 1 gallon per 100 square feet, but we actually apply two coats of 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet. The first coat is done in a tan or grey color, and the second coat in white. This ensures 100 percent coverage of both coats. The multiple coats and 3 times the coverage equates to better protection on the roof. We squeegee the liquid silicone out onto the roofs. We do not spray because of the concerns mentioned in the tech spec sheet, as well as because wind can cause overspray, which is a big liability.

The silicone itself takes about 8 hours to cure in warm weather, and up to 48 hours to cure when colder. The weather factors are important for us to be aware of during the installation. We work with the manufacturer when installing the silicone membrane in colder temperatures so that they are aware of the conditions.

When the manufacturer representative has visited our jobs, he has been consistently impressed that we do go by the book and take extra precautions while doing the installation, and in maintaining the roofs through annual inspections.

Step 5: Final inspection and 10-year maintenance.

When I started the company, I wanted to change the New Mexico roofing industry. I was appalled at customer service practices, as well as all the short cuts that were being taken. The roofing industry in general does not inspire confidence – and that starts with the manufacturers and trickles down to the local installers. I know that our company’s reputation has started a change in how other roofers must now compete. Our warranty is totally unique.

We are not the only company to offer a warranty that covers material AND labor, but we ARE the only that does not charge extra for this service.

We are not the only company to offer a maintenance program, but we ARE the only one that includes this annual inspection/maintenance service at NO COST to our customers.
Cell: 505.919.9260

Stephen Etre Interview, January 2016

Interview Of Stephen Etre, Owner of Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery

By Rey Post
Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty & Host of “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

Q. How is your business starting out in 2016?

A. After more than 30 years of operating the gallery, I have witnessed many different business cycles in Santa Fe. The start of this New Year is evidencing a continuation of the steady economic recovery that we witnessed last year.

Q. A significant amount of your clientele comes from the real estate community—home owners, buyers and sellers, as well as real estate brokers, interior designers, and lawyers administering estate transactions. Given this reality, do you have an impression about the status of the Santa Fe real estate market as we start 2016?

A. Yes, my impression is that as you and your broker colleagues have seen a steady increase in buyer and seller activity over the past year. Correspondingly, the gallery has experienced increased activity. Sellers use us as a source for home staging activities, while buyers of new homes rely on our array of items to furnish their properties.

Q. And estate sales are a major source of activity for the gallery with each passing year, correct?

A. The gallery has a long-time relationship with estate lawyers, banks, and executors who turn to us to help facilitate the sale of some of Santa Fe’s finest collections of antiques, art, and one-of-a-kind items including heirloom jewelry. Though estate sales are driven by a special set of circumstances, we have found that they are occurring quite regularly, as people find them to be an effective method for marketing unique collections in certain homes. We have two estate sales already booked for this January, with many more to follow throughout the year.

Q. And to support your customer activities at the gallery in 2016, what enhancements have you added to the gallery?

A. As you know Rey, in 2013 we actually made some structural changes to the gallery’s outside façade to enhance our curb appeal to customers. We also added an “immediate placement” policy to the display of new arrivals at the gallery, so that the floor of our facility is constantly offering brand new items to meet consumer demand. These two elements have really helped to make the shopping experience at the gallery a lot more rewarding for our clients.

Q. I understand that you also have beefed up your staff and also changed the internal visuals of the gallery, correct?

A. Yes, we enhanced our already well-regarded gallery staff with new professionals who bring a level of knowledge and expertise that our clients seem to really appreciate. We have also transformed a major part of the gallery into actual “show rooms,” replicating what rooms in a house would look like with furniture, art, and accessories. This makes it easier for our clients to see how items could work in their own homes.

Q. A couple of years ago, you also launched a new web presence for the gallery that is quite attractive and very user-friendly!

A. Thanks for the plug about this element of our ongoing marketing efforts. We are very proud of our website which is not only visually appealing, but is constantly changing to provide our customers with the latest news about gallery offerings. For anyone who hasn’t visited our site in a while, I invite them to take a look at:

Q. So all in all, you are entering the New Year with your normal high level of optimism!

A. I couldn’t say it any better than that, Rey, and I look forward to helping every home buyer, seller, and owner throughout 2016.

Q. You also have a special relationship with the United World College (UWC) that is based in the Las Vegas, NM region of the state. Why is this important to you?

A. UWC is one of 15 campuses located on five continents and as a two-year residential school, it serves students age 16-19 who typically represent more than 70 different countries. They participate in a unique program that combines academic challenge with an experiential, hands-on approach to learning. I have been a supporter of the institution and actually have many of the students stay occasionally at our home while they are studying.

Q. On today’s show we are featuring one of the students who has stayed at your home.

A. Yes, Jose-Pablo, a former student and currently the Alumni and Special events Director at UWC will be offering an update on activities at the institution as students begin the New Year.

Q. To close out the show, I want to remind everyone that it is not too early to put Stephen’s annual “Spring Sale” on your calendar. This event has been staged for over 30 years at the gallery on the Mother’s Day weekend in May.

A. Thanks, Rey, for alerting people to this event, as well as for having me on today’s show. I look forward to seeing you next month during the February 14 “All Things Real Estate” radio show!

For    more   than   30     years,     Stephen’s,   a    Consignment    Gallery  has    been    attracting    consumers     from   all    over    the     country,     to    see    the        best      in     antiques,  estate      items,     jewelry,    furniture,   art,     and    countless   home       accessories   under    the   gallery’s  13,000    square    feet    of       space.


Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery
2701 Cerrillos   Road, Santa Fe


Message from the President, January 2016

Message from the President Gary Bobolsky                
January 2016
Take Risks and Start Living
Ask your fellow realtors what motivates them in their real estate business and you’ll likely get answers like money, family, personal client connections, and sales numbers. But what about risk and the fear of failure? Can these two obstacles (among many others) motivate us in our business? Sales101 books and classes inform us that if we remove all the obstacles in a negotiation, you will ultimately have a sale, yet we all know the reality is easier said than done. A better question that we should ask ourselves is: How do we ultimately reduce the risk of failed time, money, and energy in our business to stay inspired, motivated, and continue to be positive providers in our community? Accepting risk is a process of transition through one’s own personal experience and support from our friends and colleagues. I hope this year as President of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors, I can help you ‘rethink the obstacles’ in your business as an opportunity for you to unleash your personal creativity and create a cycle of encouragement and motivation in your profession. Your uniqueness is what propels your referrals and creates tight-knit client relationships. So don’t be afraid of risk; embrace it and be perpetually motivated by it!
Click here for your 1-minute of inspiration:
Your friend and colleague,
Gary Bobolsky
Board Highlights
The SFAR Board of Directors took action on the following items at the December meeting:
  • Approved the 2016 Bank Resolution
  • Approved to broadcast monthly on the second hour of “All Things Real Estate” radio show for one year.
Gary Bobolsky
2016 President
Santa Fe Association of REALTORS