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Introducing Planet Forward, LLC

By Rod Gesten, Co-Founder, CEO

Planet Forward ReversedPlanet Forward, LLC is committed to improving the quality of your life through saving you money, reducing your carbon footprint, and helping the planet. With the invention of our FREE home energy consumption (HEC™) tracking system, home buyers, sellers, and owners can determine the health of their building(s).

We all know that for our own bodies, eating too many calories a day can result in an unhealthy body. Similarly, your building may be consuming excess BTUs — think of BTUs as an amount of food calories, namely one food calorie equals 4 BTUs. Planet Forward principals Rod Gesten and Scott Irving bring over fifty combined years of architectural experience to the system, enabling you to find out if your structure is lean and fit or is taking in more than its share.

Simply create a user account at, add your building(s) and input your recent energy usage from your energy bills. You can enter as many months’ worth of information as you like; the more you enter, the more the HEC™ system will learn about your structure’s energy usage. Once you determine how fit your building is, you can then begin to make energy efficient upgrades to your home, and continue to enter your energy usage afterward. The HEC allows you to monitor your building’s health post-changes, the same way a diet-tracking system would allow you to monitor your personal weight loss.

For more information, email and follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to get updates on the company and the efforts we are making toward improving your quality of life.  Read more on how we came to the idea of calories/person within a home on our Blog here