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Message from the President, August 2016

Message from the President Gary Bobolsky                 

August 2016

Have you ever had those moments in life where you catch yourself hurrying up in order to have fun, rushing to be done with a project, and even accelerating past the handshake in order to get to the meat and bones of a contract? Conversely, though, have you ever lingered in the space of anticipation, relished in the sweat of hard work and even drifted in and out of personal, heartfelt conversation before bringing ink to paper? I understand that we are part of the collective of hardworking Realtors, teachers, engineers, and parents, who take pride in our daily, professional toil, but have you really taken the time to enjoy the journey – your journey?

This may seem a simple task for some, but for so many, the end goal is always the prize to be honored. The ‘how-we-got there’ approach usually takes a small back seat to the end result. We tend to find excitement in finish lines, quotas met and total sales, but aren’t the most fun and intriguing moments of life those which entail the story behind the sale or the personality behind the transaction? My mother often reminded me that everyone has a story to be told. I, myself, am often less fascinated with others’ finest (or worst) moments, but rather the moments in between- the moments where I could relate to them as parents, co-workers and, ultimately, as humans, through the narrative of their personal story.
Taking time in each of our busy days to enjoy the process of whatever we are doing, to catch our breath and not be so hard on ourselves when tasks remain undone, may prove to be difficult at first, but can become a healthy virtue to strive towards. The voyage towards one’s goals is usually an integral part of anyone’s success, but the true nectar of life ultimately comes from the fruit of our labor. So go ahead, enjoy your journey. Enjoy the process and make sure your story is incredibly interesting.