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The Launch Of The “This Is Taos” Show Series

 By Rey Post
Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty &
Host of the “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

February 17, 2019

The All Things Real Estate” radio show airs this Sunday (12-2pm Mountain Time) on Santa Fe’s Talk 1260 AM KTRC and 103.7-FM and streams on, as well as via the “Listen Now” link at

This weekly radio show features host and Sotheby’s International Realty‘s Associate Broker Rey Post (NM REC License #45660) and a variety of special guests offering the best news, information and commentary regarding every aspect of today’s real estate market.

“All Things Real Estate” (ATRE) is marking 10 years of airing in June of this year. Throughout 2019, several new elements are being added to the radio program, including the roll-out of a new show series this Sunday.

In both hours of this week’s show, join Rey and his guests for a special remote broadcast of the program from the Taos Ski Valley (TSV). The first hour of the program will speak to the special relationship between the City of Santa Fe and the Town of Taos. The second hour of the program will feature a new monthly series called “This Is Taos,” which will focus on the reasons why people find the historic northern New Mexico town a desirable destination to visit, work in, or as a place to own a home.

In the first hour of the show:

  • Overview Thoughts: Rey will offer observations on the special relationship that Santa Fe real estate and business professionals have with Taos. Rey will also preview many of the elements of the inaugural broadcast of the “This Is Taos” show series in the second hour of the program.
  • Gateway Mortgage Group Assists Taos Home Buyers: Scott Robinson, Branch Manager of the Gateway Mortgage Group in Santa Fe, will speak to the ability of his mortgage firm to offer assistance to those who are seeking the purchase of a property in the Taos region. In addition, Scott will provide his monthly mortgage tip that can benefit home buyers who are collaborating with a lender. The Gateway Mortgage Group is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the country, doing its entire mortgage servicing in-house. This business element is important, since it means that Gateway’s customers work directly with them until the time their loan is paid. Commentary contained within this broadcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to extend credit. Scott Robinson, NMLS 202265, is a licensed Branch Manager with Gateway Mortgage Group, located at 502 West Cordova Road, Suite 1, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. All loans are subject to program guidelines and final underwriting approval. Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC, is an equal housing lender. NMLS 7233.
  • Taos Ski Valley Professionals Offer Observations: Two senior management professionals associated with the mountain resort, will offer commentary on some of the unique elements offered at TSV. Eduardo Sampere, General Manager of The Blake slopeside hotel, will review the range of amenities that this renowned 80-room alpine guesthouse can offer, whether its guests are skiing, hiking, shopping or strolling. The Blake was awarded LEED Silver certification—the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating of the U.S. Green Building Council—which is the foremost program for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. Also joining Rey, is Leslie A. Campbell, Director of Sales/Real Estate for The Blake Residences, a slopeside real estate development featuring a  collection of 24 fully appointed residences. Leslie will discuss the role that the residences play in the mountain resort’s vision of offering artfully curated accommodations, as part of the once-in-a-lifetime revitalization of TSV.
  • Broker View On The Taos Ski ValleyAlan Vorenberg, Rey’s Sotheby’s International Realty broker colleague in Santa Fe, will reflect on his own experience as a property owner in the TSV, as well as why he enjoys pursuing home buyer and seller relationships in the Town of Taos. Alan is also this week’s Santa Fe open house broker (see below).
  • Rey’s “Real Estate Recommendation”: Rey’s weekly real estate recommendation will offer some suggestions on how to make the home buying and selling process a bit easier, more efficient and enjoyable for consumers. Corresponding to the theme of the special relationship that Santa Fe has with Taos and other northern New Mexico communities, Rey and his broker colleagues at Sotheby’s International Realty work to make home and land options in northern New Mexico available to consumers (see “Unique Destination” at
  • Open House of the Week: Rey will review the attributes of 841 Camino Del Este with his Sotheby’s International Realty broker colleague Alan Vorenberg. This splendid and renovated three-bedroom, open concept residence with exquisite finishes, offers beautiful wood floors, high ceilings, lots of natural light and gorgeous mountain views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and is located just moments from the Plaza and all the wonderful amenities in downtown Santa Fe. 

In the second hour of the show, join Rey and his guests as they launch the new ATRE show series called “This Is Taos.” The series will offer monthly interviews with business, tourism, government, cultural and real estate leaders who will bring useful and informative commentary about why the historic Town of Taos is a popular destination for visitors from around the world, as well as why people chose to make the community their home. The show series is presented by the Taos Ski Valley (TSV), while the Town of Taos and other businesses, and organizations (including the Taos Arts Council) are partnering with ATRE to offer this unique and informative radio programs.

  • As Rey’s initial guest during the second hour broadcast—and to share his observations about the important relationship that TSV has with the people of northern New Mexico—is David Norden, Chief Executive Officer of the mountain resort. David will offer an update on what visitors to TSV are enjoying this winter, as well as throughout the year. Since July 2016, David has brought his highly regarded and extensive ski industry experience to the role of managing all of the existing operations of this multi-season resort destination. TSV is the first major ski resort to become a certified B Corp. This certification helps ensure that TSV meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, sustainability, public transparency and legal accountability. Becoming a B Corp also means that the long-held values of inclusion, sustainability, and respect for all are validated. To further the interest of real estate and economic development in northern New Mexico, Taos is among the members of the Northern New Mexico Air Alliance (NNMAA), a non-profit group of businesses, cities, counties and attractions. NNMAA serves as a vehicle for expanding opportunities for consumers who are seeking real estate, economic, sport and entertainment options in northern New Mexico.
  • Also, joining Rey in the second hour of the show is Karina Armijo, Director of Marketing and Tourism for the Town of Taos, who will speak to the variety of attractions that make the town a special destination; why the town serves as a desirable destination for home buying; the multitude of activities the town offers to consumers this winter; as well as some background on her role as a member of the management team in Taos government. Chosen by Taos Town Manager Rick Bellis and Mayor Dan Barrone to fill the position of overseeing the town’s marketing and tourism activities, Karina is a well-respected professional who is characterized by the publication taoStyle as “very approachable, a good listener who holds the concerns of the community close to her heart.” An article in The Taos News offers some perspective on the approach that Karina takes in her work to promote all of the positive elements of Taos.

Giving Back To The Community 

  • The Realogy Disaster Relief Fund has been activated to provide much-needed financial assistance to help those who were affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, as well as support for those affected last year’s California wildfires. The sole purpose of this effort is to provide much-needed financial assistance to help those in need who are not covered by personal insurance policies. Realogy has committed to matching $50,000 of the funds raised, and, effective immediately, you may make a tax-deductible donation to the fund. The Realogy Disaster Relief Fund is managed through the Realogy Charitable Foundation. In donating to the Fund, 100 percent of the money will be disbursed to those who are affected by declared federal disasters. Click here to donate to the Realogy Disaster Relief Fund. Realogy Holdings Corp. delivers its real estate services through its well-known industry brands including Sotheby’s International Realty®.
  • Since 2009, the “All Things Real Estate” (ATRE) radio show has featured commentary from a variety of Santa Fe non-profit and community organizations. Representatives from organizations have been able to use the ATRE program to share news and information with northern New Mexico residents about their services and activities. Over the years, some of the highly-regarded non-profit organizations which have been featured on the ATRE program are: Cornerstones Community Partnerships: Las Campanas Compadres; the Santa Fe Concorso; Kitchen Angels; Creative Santa Fe; and Dollars4Schools. In addition, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber has returned in 2019 to offer quarterly commentary on programs, events and community activities important to the residents of the city. In addition, the Town of Taos is collaborating with ATRE in 2019 to participate in a new show series—sponsored by the Taos Ski Valley—called “This Is Taos,” designed to offer useful information about this historic northern New Mexico community.

As always, listener email questions and comments are welcome during the broadcast. Join in the conversation by calling Rey with your own questions or comments at 505-989-8900 or you can email Rey via a link at Check out the radio show and tune in via the Internet: Go to and click on the “Listen Now” button.

Teamwork Elements

By Rey Post
Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty &
Host of the “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

February 3, 2019

On today’s “All Things Real Estate” (ATRE) radio show, we are speaking to some of the teamwork elements that can be learned by the playing of the National Football League’s “Super Bowl” this evening.

Our “Rey’s Real Estate” Recommendation” on this theme actually is drawn from an article written a few years ago by Martin Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Julia’s house, the Dorset Children’s Hospice in the United Kingdom. Mr. Martin formally worked in Brand Management for the Proctor & Gamble Corporation and is also known as an author on leadership issues.

Here is the complete article he wrote on the elements of teamwork, offering some valuable observations on the topic.

Teamwork: The Ten Values of Excellent Teams

Values in teams are the specific beliefs about what is right and wrong around us. Organizational and team values are about the culture we should encourage, the standards we should have, and the principles that should underpin the team’s efforts. They are the essential building blocks of team building. 

Over time all other things may change – an organization’s people, strategy, finances, beneficiaries – but its values should not. If these are allowed to degenerate, a team no longer has any unifying core, it will fragment, staff turnover will increase and results will plummet.

Think about how values should inform your leadership style. And hold true to them: values are the things upon which you should never compromise.

Excellent teams have ten core team values:

1. Listening to each other with an open mind without interruption
2. Sharing knowledge, information and experience with those who can benefit
3. Taking key decisions based on reasoning not rank 

4. Expressing concerns only to those responsible for dealing with them 
5. A responsibility culture not a blame culture 
6. Basing our work on the ‘customer’ 
7. Striving for continuous improvement 
8. Behaving with integrity
9. Positively challenging dishonesty or destructive behavior
10. No ego

The Green values are about involving people, and ensuring decisions have a broader base of expertise

The Red values are ‘results’ values 

The Blue values are about ethical and cohesive behavior

Values 1, 2 and 3 are about involving others for the greater good and increasing the expertise behind decisions.

Listening to each other with an open mind without interruption.

Every different point of view could be an opportunity to learn something. Listening shows that you value the other person and that you are open to the possibility of change. Interrupting shows that you think you or your opinions are more important (unless the other person is really rambling or repetitive).

Are you a good listener or a bad listener? When you listen, are you open to what the person is saying? Or do you just wait for them to finish before saying what you were going to say anyway?

Sharing knowledge and experience with those who can benefit

The ‘information is power’ culture breeds ignorance, mistakes and defensive behavior. But it’s refreshing when someone offers their information or expertise in a helpful way without expecting anything in return. Proactive people do this simply because it’s the right thing to do. When was the last time you shared a good idea or useful information, or passed on your experience sensitively?

Taking key decisions based on reasoning not rank

When people know that their ideas will be debated and considered properly, they will be more encouraged to come forward with them.

It doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything. Democracies mean that regardless of whose reasoning is most sound, the majority view always wins and the minority loses. This ‘win-lose’ culture can de-motivate and disenfranchise people.

In the workplace, the task of the leader is to establish the right culture and choose directions, having gathered expert input and thoroughly worked through all the options. ‘Win-win’ cultures ensure that every view is heard and debated. A meritocracy means more than ability being a passport to higher rank; it means that any reasoned contribution is welcome and can affect the team’s direction or methods.

Values 4 and 5 are about how we should curtail problems and move forward proactively.

Expressing concerns only to those responsible for dealing with them

A fundamental characteristic of highly effective teams. Don’t exacerbate situations by telling lots of people how bad things are when those people are not responsible for sorting them out. This is called validating – seeking solace in someone reflecting your opinion without seeking a solution. Instead, tell the person or people responsible for sorting it out, and only them. This requires tremendous self-discipline: it can be comforting in the short term to seek solace in complaining to anyone who will listen – but isn’t it better to seek positive change?

A responsibility culture not a blame culture

There are few things more demoralizing than a blame culture. It forces people to protect themselves by unnecessary paperwork, currying favor, or shifting blame – taking attention away from the ‘customer’ and hindering continuous improvement.

It is often said of politicians that their desire for power makes them by definition unsuitable for office. This is because the stereotypical keys to promotion in politics – spinning situations to personal advantage, shifting blame, taking credit, and moving up at the expense of others – create distrust and poor teamwork: they live in a blame culture.

Similarly, people who are good at ‘office politics thrive in a blame culture. They may be successful in their personal ambitions, but no-one really wants to work with or for them, so their ability to get the best out of people around them is limited. Teams therefore fragment, staff turnover increases and the organization fails to reach its maximum potential.

In a responsibility culture, the manager should take responsibility for a team’s failings or mistakes in all instances except dishonesty or unethical behavior. People feel trusted in this culture and commit themselves more to it.

Values 6 and 7 are about focusing on results.

Basing our work on the ‘customer’

Many teams behave as if fixated on each other’s faults or failures, or are hampered by needless bureaucracy. But we should not be each other’s obstacle or enemy. The real focus should be on the customer. Remind people who are at war with each other, or who are just on their own warpath, that this has nothing to do with the objective, which is to serve the customer.

Get into the habit of asking the customer what they like or dislike about the service. Put the needs of the customer squarely at the heart of strategy and planning.

Organize and plan the work around the people who work closest with the customer, listening to these people’s views and providing what they need to excel, so that the entire work of the organization is a system for serving the customer’s needs and wants. If you are one of these people, tell your manager what you need in order to excel in your work.

Striving for continuous improvement

Every team and every organization should always be on the lookout for how it can better achieve its aims. This task is never complete: it is really a continuous process, and at its best is a constant state of mind of every team member.

This means being open to ideas. Ban phrases like ‘we never used to do it that way’, ‘it never worked before’ or ‘they’ll never say yes to that’. These sayings put a stop to potential solutions or improvements in the service. Encourage questions and phrases like ‘whose expertise could help with this?’, ‘what’s the next step?’ or ‘great idea: do it!’

Values 8, 9 and 10 are about cohesive behavior.

Behaving with integrity

An organization’s reputation is the crux of its success. A lack of integrity in one part of the organization can, if it becomes widely known, undermine the entire organization. Integrity is also at the heart of treating people equally and fairly.

Positively challenging dishonesty or destructive behavior

Honesty, ethical behavior and effort are essential to a team that pulls together. It must be up to the manager to enforce these standards, having first given a fair hearing to the person or people concerned. This should be done calmly but assertively, taking time to explain exactly what is the desired standard of behavior, and explaining the consequences of further breaches of the team’s standards.

Challenging undermining behavior is actually part of the process of helping everybody on the team, and should be seen as a positive step. And of course, the same standards must be applied across the whole team.

No ego

Displays of ego risk undermining anything you achieve by following the other team values. ‘No ego’ behavior is about the importance of just getting on with the job. Sounds easy … but there are subtle displays of ego that are easy traps to fall into. Have you ever broken any of the following rules?

  • Force yourself not to act to impress but to act out of values
  • Never seek compliments from the team
  • Never complain about your lot to the team
  • Praise people as much in their absence as in their presence
  • No matter how hard you work, don’t seek or reward a macho hours culture
  • Acknowledge and learn from failure

Acknowledging failure is a sign of honesty, openness and a commitment to learning. The task of the manager is to explain to people that if they make a mistake, the best thing they can possibly do is to come forward openly, and that the focus will be on helping to put things right. The opposite of this is a blame culture where nobody comes forward, hiding mistakes until they become crises.

If you demonstrate and stand up for these ten values you will be building teams that work together for the greater good of the organization, and that perform to their optimum potential.

So “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendation” for today is to see if any of the teamwork elements described above can be applied to your own work and personal life.

As always, tune into “All Things Real Estate” each Sunday (12-2pm Mountain Time) for more information on real estate and business topics. Go to the “listen Now” link at to hear the show.