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Message from the President, July 2016

Message from the President Gary Bobolsky
July 2016

We are often taught at a very young age, that being uncomfortable is something we should either avoid or somehow fix. If we are hot, we turn on the air conditioning. If we are bored, we turn on the television or fixate on our phones. If we are stuck in traffic, we become angered at the car that cut us off. If we are sad, we turn to food, alcohol or something else to numb the feelings of being uneasy. How many times though, have you sat in those rough moments and even leaned into them in order to fully experience the emotions and thoughts you carry with them? It is so easy to escape our innermost anxieties in search of something happier, more exciting or comforting. My daughters’ blood curdling screams of pain after stubbing her toe on the leg of a chair are usually quieted after we focus on what she is feeling (i.e., What happened? Are you sad or mad at that chair? Which toe got hurt? What does that toe feel like? Are you still mad at that chair?) I try to teach myself the same process when I get frustrated or anxious instead of looking for a quick fix.
Taking a breath and embracing the uncomfortable can be a positive experience, if we allow it. Taking two minutes, closing your eyes and becoming aware of how you feel in that particular moment can be entirely revitalizing. More so, fully rationalizing a difficult situation, talking about it with friends, co-workers or family, and even sitting in the emotions that come up before taking action, can allow one’s self to fully synthesize a positive plan of action. Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to overthink a situation too, but the more I practice, the easier it becomes to ride the small waves of sensation instead of struggling on the violent surface of a full-blown emotion – just to stay afloat. We can use this method when preparing to have a difficult conversation with a client, negotiating with a tough contractor or just when you feel like you need to gather your thoughts and energy in an anxious moment. Leaning into the uncomfortable can teach us quite a bit about ourselves if we just allow it the space to take root and flourish.
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