Roof Restoration Process

By: Justin Kibbe, Vice President, Fix My Roof LLC

FIX MY ROOF is committed to restoring existing roofs for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement while maximizing our positive impact on the environment by embracing environmentally responsible practices and educating the greater community about environmental stewardship.

Our process:

Step 1: Preparation. With all coatings, the prep work is essential. Both cleaning and drying the roof are very important for a well-done job. We spend a great deal of time with this process (including using blowers and some heaters to make sure any snow/ice that can’t be removed is melted and then dried with towels).

Step 2: Primer. For maximum adhesion of the silicone to the roof, we start with a primer that is made and approved by the manufacturer. Many roofers forego this process as it saves money on material and labor, but it’s the correct way to install a silicone membrane.

Step 3: Curing. The primer cures in 15 minutes in warm weather and sometimes up to one hour in cold weather.

Step 4: Application of the first coat of silicone. The tech spec sheet only requires 1 gallon per 100 square feet, but we actually apply two coats of 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet. The first coat is done in a tan or grey color, and the second coat in white. This ensures 100 percent coverage of both coats. The multiple coats and 3 times the coverage equates to better protection on the roof. We squeegee the liquid silicone out onto the roofs. We do not spray because of the concerns mentioned in the tech spec sheet, as well as because wind can cause overspray, which is a big liability.

The silicone itself takes about 8 hours to cure in warm weather, and up to 48 hours to cure when colder. The weather factors are important for us to be aware of during the installation. We work with the manufacturer when installing the silicone membrane in colder temperatures so that they are aware of the conditions.

When the manufacturer representative has visited our jobs, he has been consistently impressed that we do go by the book and take extra precautions while doing the installation, and in maintaining the roofs through annual inspections.

Step 5: Final inspection and 10-year maintenance.

When I started the company, I wanted to change the New Mexico roofing industry. I was appalled at customer service practices, as well as all the short cuts that were being taken. The roofing industry in general does not inspire confidence – and that starts with the manufacturers and trickles down to the local installers. I know that our company’s reputation has started a change in how other roofers must now compete. Our warranty is totally unique.

We are not the only company to offer a warranty that covers material AND labor, but we ARE the only that does not charge extra for this service.

We are not the only company to offer a maintenance program, but we ARE the only one that includes this annual inspection/maintenance service at NO COST to our customers.
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