By Rey Post, Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty & Host of the “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show 

February 11, 2018

As we approach Valentine’s Day, “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendation” is to think about maybe bringing a bit of added warmth, tenderness and kind-heartedness to the home buying, or selling experience you may be involved in this month.

We all know that purchasing a home is probably the largest expenditure that a consumer will most likely have in their life. With that reality—and with the complications associated with the process—both buyers and sellers can naturally realize some added tension and anticipation as they make their way to the day of closing on the sale.

All the more reason to consider applying some “year-round” Valentine’s Day affection to the role that you play in your own home buying and selling experience. This is also a philosophy that perhaps could be embraced by real estate professionals, all of whom work very hard to bring any home buying/selling transaction to a successful conclusion. It isn’t easy for all parties involved, which means that bringing a bit of extra care and regard to the process can go a long way to calming the situation.

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