By Rey Post, Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty & Host of the “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

 January 28, 2018

Each week in the New Year, I will offer you a new recommendation that is designed to make your home buying, or selling experience a bit easier.

This coming week, I have some thoughts to share with home sellers that may address a question that many of them encounter after their real estate broker, or agent lists their home for sale on a multiple list system: “Why Your Home Isn’t Selling.”

Now the answer to this question varies from region-to-region in the country—based on, among other things, the circumstances of your local real estate market—but there are usually some standard reasons why you, as a seller, may be experiencing some challenges in finding that perfect buyer who will present you with an offer on your home.

Here are some of the reasons—per a useful article in RisMedia’s Housecall blog—that you may wish to review to see if they apply to your own circumstances:

1)   You overvalued your property. Put simply, if your house is overpriced—based on other sales in your immediate neighborhood—it is not going to sell. Your real estate broker, or agent should be helpful in guiding you in a price that will attract buyers. Also, don’t add the cost of any renovations you may have made to the house…these costs don’t automatically translate to added value.

2)   You’re always present at showings. Let your broker, or agent handle showings. Buyers don’t want an owner lurking over their shoulder during showings—or even open houses—since it puts unwanted pressure on them and could make them so uncomfortable, they will be chased away from considering the attributes of the property.

3)   You haven’t either staged your home, and/or you have kept too much of your personal décor, or the home is way too cluttered. Don’t leave a house you wish to sale totally empty, since it makes it hard for buyers to imagine living there. Hire a professional stagger to outfit at least the main rooms in the home with furniture to give buyers a sense of what living there would feel like. At the same time, buyers can quickly get uncomfortable when touring a home and see all of your family pictures—that too makes it hard for them to see how they can live in the house. Lastly, if you have too much of your own furniture and personal items in the house, it will make it seem smaller and also will not help buyers move easily around the home during tours.

These are just some of the reasons why your home may not be selling. I will offer you additional feedback on this topic in upcoming “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendations.”

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