Message From The President, Febuary 2016

Message from the President Gary Bobolsky
President, Santa Fe Association of Realtors                
February 2016
An Attitude of Gratitude
I can bet that if you were one of the multitudes of hopefuls buying lottery tickets several weeks ago, your emotions likely ran the gamut of exhilaration and anticipation and quickly turned to that of loss and defeat.  For me, it was a risk that I was willing to take on for a mere $32 dollars.  It was in the hours that I held my ‘Golden Tickets’, my thoughts meandered from visions of luxury and grandeur to larger concepts of gratitude and giving, even philanthropy.  Would I take my winnings as a lump sum or as an annuity?  How much and to whom would I give money?  Would I be a happier person?  Most days in real estate are similar to playing the lottery: for our sellers, we invest our waking hours and our money through the cost of advertising and educating ourselves on the market; for buyers, we negotiate our valuable time with verve and vitality in the hopes that our patience and output of risk transform into a commission check.  Can the success of this effort fully equate to sublime happiness in our work and ultimately in our lives, or can the act of being grateful delve us deeper into a state of positive productivity, a supportive social network and a contented existence?  Since we are gamblers by nature through our real estate work, I would bet that if you became consciously thankful each day for three things, science would show that the odds of you experiencing greater determination, attention, enthusiasm, happiness, and energywould be in your favor.  We could all use these immeasurable qualities as personal assets in our business.  Of course, a billion dollars sure wouldn’t hurt either.  For those who didn’t win the big Powerball jackpot, click here for your 3 minutes of inspiration:
Your friend and colleague,
Gary Bobolsky
Gary Bobolsky
2016 President
Santa Fe Association of REALTORS