Home Buyers Need to Know A Seller’s Motivations

By Rey Post, Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty &

Host of “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

June 24, 2018

What motivates home buyers to pursue the purchase of a home is an important topic, worthy of a lot of discussion. Housing market circumstances (pricing and the level of inventory); buyer demographics; varying home preferences; personal finances; family situations; and general economic issues are among the many things that impact why buyers consider becoming home owners.

At the same time, when a buyer decides—whatever may be the motivations and conditions—to seriously hurtle towards a home purchase, it is also important for one to understand what is motivating home sellers. 

This stands to reason, given the state of the current housing market at the start of the summer of 2018. Just about everywhere in the nation, home inventory is light, which means that many other buyers are in line to potentially chase after the same home that interests you. This means that it’s imperative to have a strategy to make sure you are able to “win the race” towards buying any home.

Not only do you need to have your home purchase financing plans in place, as well as clearly define the type of home you wish to buy—with all the amenities identified that are important to your personal goals—but you also need to make sure that you have partnered with a real estate professional who can effectively lead you down the path of what can be a very complicated process.

But knowing what is motivating the seller of the home you are interested in buying, is also just as critical as the other things that you have a fair amount of control over. Here is a useful article that helps to define this element of the home buying process:


So “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendation” for this week, is to not only analyze the motivations you have as a home buyer and build a plan to meet these goals and expectations, but to also know what the seller has on his, or her mind as you approach the step of making an offer on the purchase of a home. Including this as part of your plan to become a home owner, can make the difference between success, or failure in securing that place you want to call “home.”

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