Remember, ‘Thank You’ Goes A Long Way In Real Estate

June 3, 2018

By Rey Post, Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty &

Host of “All Things Real Estate” Radio Show

As we mark the 9-year anniversary of the first broadcast of the “All Things Real Estate” (ATRE) Radio show on June 3, I plan to thank a number of people during the broadcast, who have brought a level of support that helped to guarantee that we would see this day. Without this genuine interest in what we wished to achieve with the program, our website ( and blog—ATRE would never have made it past even the first year of broadcasting.

The principal of wanting to thank those who helped to make ATRE a success is something that has always seemed to be right for me, as I pursued my work—whether in real estate, or the other business interests I had prior to becoming a Realtor.

A simple thank you for tasks done by others—large and small—has always brought dividends to any buyer, or seller transaction I have been pursuing. More broadly though, it just seems right in so many ways and helps to grow relationships with other professionals in the trade. Any real estate transaction is layered with personal and business relationships that have the potential for making the process either a success, or a failure.

Given that buying, or selling a home is typically about the largest personal financial transaction that anyone will have in their life, emotions—even fear—can something’s play a major role in the process. Kindness and gratitude are sometimes hard to muster for all involved in the process, especially if there are unexpected challenges that occur while moving the possession of a home from one person to another.

I come loaded with lots of honest ‘thank yous’ for everyone I encounter in any real estate process—buyer, or seller clients; other professionals playing a role in the effort; even the hard-working support staff that play an important role in the process, and often don’t hear the simple phrase of stating appreciation for all of their behind-the-scenes work.

All of us are only human, so it may be easy to forget the concept of “thank you.” Under the pressure of any real estate transaction, it is important to step back and take a moment to reflect on how many are involved in any “deal.” All of us want any transaction to make its way to the closing table. But making sure that both sides to the transaction are as happy as they possibly can be, is the real measurement of success.

So, on this special occasion of the 9th year of the airing of our radio show, “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendation” is to consider taking a moment to understand that a “little bit of sugar” goes a long way in what is one of the most high-pressure jobs most of us will have in our lives. That is—to help make the buying or selling of a home as happy and pleasant a business experience as it possibly can be.

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