September 9, 2018

During the first hour of today’s “All Things Real Estate” radio show, my guest co-host—Stephen Etre, Owner of Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery—our guests and I, spoke to the theme of standing united on behalf of the interests of our clients.

We marked the 242nd anniversary of when the U.S. Continental Congress declared that the name of our newly formed nation—then seeking independence from Great Britain—would be the “United States.”

This designation, given to our country on September 9, 1776, replaced the term “United Colonies,” which was in general use at the time.

So, using this historic occasion as our theme for the show, we offered many of the ways that professionals across every field of real estate—be it as brokers; retail home business specialists; home builders; mortgage lenders; vacation home renter pros; architects; and so many other important functions of the home buying, selling and owning process—work tirelessly and in a unified fashion to support the interests of their clients.

Given that real estate is the most expensive purchase that anyone will most likely have in their life—combined with the complexity of the process of either buying, or selling a home—it is imperative that every professional who plays a role in the trade understand the value of combining forces with others who also serve consumers.

As I have stated on previous shows and in other blog articles, having a good team to work with of knowledgeable, successful, empathetic and enthusiastic professionals, is perhaps the best way to demonstrate the message of standing united for the benefit of consumers.

So “Rey’s Real Estate Recommendation” this week is so to understand that those who are there to aid you in the sale, or purchase of a home—or furnishing and maintaining it to the highest level—should be viewed as professionals you can trust, as they unite their skills and experience to your ultimate benefit.

I also want to remind you that when tackling these and other home buying elements, please join us each Sunday on the “All Things Real Estate” radio show (12-2pm Mountain Time).


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